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Then read the sequel "Elizabeth".



(National curriculum outcomes: Science Inquiry Skills, NDS, UIS, and air pressure - weather and states of matter. Touring school show here.)

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A Class freak, a Science geek, and a girl from outer space. How much trouble can they get in? They're wanted by the Australian government, Coebri space pirates, and a silver man from the Universal Unity. There isn't enough science in the universe to keep them safe,
but they'll have to try!
 Life is never more complicated then when you have to choose between freedom... and friendship...

…an engaging and entertaining science fiction book that actually introduces real science concepts to children…

Feedback from Readers:

"Too good for words!" Hope, age 13.

"I took your book home and read it and I think it is fabulous. In the beginning it looked like a regular young person's story about school bullies and then the story really took off when the space ship took off. I love the creatures and worlds you created.

I think you have managed to combine the science into it in a really good way. It does not slow the story down but adds an extra dimension to the story for those that want it. I think it would make an exciting movie too.
- Nikki, Self published author.


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Youth Fantasy novel: The Tae%27anaryn
The exciting sequel to "The Tae'anaryn"

The Wizard's Apprentice

Kidnapped and tormented by an evil archmage who wants them to learn to harness the power of evil, Kialessa and Piex must find unexpected allies while they plan for their escape. It's not the wicked goblins that worry them, or the troll infested swamp, or even the towering rot dragon that keeps them there, but a simple riddle. Will they ever be able to return to their king and college again?

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